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What makes ReSound LiNX 3D the future of Smart Hearing? 

Introducing ReSound LiNX 3D!

LiNX 3D Content  ReSound LiNX  3D A new dimension in  hearing care 

 The future of Smart  Hearing is here. With ReSound LiNX 3D™ you will be able to do more and be more than you ever thought possible.
Because it’s up to 50%† better at identifying speech in various environments*,
you can hear up to 80% more of the sounds around you and  understand up to 40%†† more speech in noise** 
all while enjoying best-in-class streaming and control. 

Personalize your hearing experience with the new ReSound Smart 3D™ app. Available on the iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® and Apple Watch®, you have everything you need to make a quick adjustment of your hearing
aid settings to better engage with the world around you. 

With ReSound LiNX 3D, you can better connect to the world around you with excellent sound quality and clear speech understanding, all in a comfortable, discreet hearing aid. 

Compared to other premium hearing aids. Compared to premium hearing aids with narrow beamforming. 


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