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  • State of the Art Hearing Aid(s)
  • Free Hearing Evaluations
  • Free Visual Ear Exam                         
  • Free Hearing Aid Demonstartion    
  • Free 3rd Year Warranty
  • Free Financing (If qualified)


  • Free Caption Phone.
  • No Purchase Necessary
    *CLEAR EAR'S Hearing Evaluation/Consultation is used to determine if you are a candidate for a Hearing Aid

Hearing evaluation

A hearing “test” actually includes several tests that measure how well you hear a variety of sounds, such as tones and speech. A baseline hearing screening is recommended at age 50, unless you're experiencing symptoms of hearing loss sooner.

People may have hearing loss in an area only certain speech sounds are present; thus they can hear some of the speech sounds but not all of them, so speech is unclear. For example, the consonants listed here are located in the higher pitch region where many people have hearing loss (as seen in the speech banana below ).


Your Clear Ear hearing will guide you through the steps of a thorough hearing evaluation, including:

  • A visual examination of your ear using an otoscope
  • Air and bone conduction testing
  • Word discrimination after your evaluation, we'll show you your results on an audiogram. Audiograms provide a visual representation of the sounds you're hearing and the sounds you're missing. Clear Ear will explain the different hearing aid styles and technology
  • Clear Ear Hearing Aid work with all the major hearing aid factory’s such as Unitron Hearing,  Gn Resound, Phonek,  Widex, to name a few.

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